How do you create a community?

You can create a community once you unlock the first achievement in any persona (excluding Base)


You can create a community by purchasing the unlock for 1500 coins!

In order to unlock the first achievement in a persona, you must:

1 - Create 5+ jots in that persona.

2 - Create 3 jots with 15 hearts in that persona.

3 - Create 3 jots with 5 commenters in that persona. 

Once you purchase the unlock, or unlock the first achievement in a persona, navigate to the community section of the app and tap "create a community."

To create a community, just choose a community name, language, and personas (be sure to assign relevant personas that are relevant) and confirm there isn’t already a community for that interest you can help nurture. Then add a description and photo to represent the community. When the community is created a jot is automatically generated to announce it to members of the personas. You can also go ahead and invite some of your friends!

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