Following, hearting and friending someone

  • Following a user: Following a user is a one-way interaction. You can follow anyone and anyone can follow you. When you follow a user, you will see their content in your feed, if it is tagged in any of the personas you are a part of, or if base is tagged.
  • Super-Following a user: Once you are following a user, you can choose to super-follow: that means you will get a notification every time that user creates a jot!
  • Hearting a user: Hearting a user is a one-way interaction. It doesn’t require the other user to do anything. Hearting let’s a user know that you “love” their hello profile/content.
  • Friending a user: While any user can send a friend request, we recommend friending users you know or trust. When you send a friend request, you will automatically start following that user, and you will see their content in your folio. If that user accepts your request, they too will begin seeing your content in their folio.
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