Left navigation bar menu items explained


  • A feed of content based on the personas you belong to, people in your area and people you are following



  • A list of “potential” users that share common interests with you; an easy way to meet and say hello to new people who might be just like you



  • This is where you can view your profile



  • See your friends, manage your friend requests, invite a friend to join hello, and search for your friends



  • This is where you find all your communications with other users, including messages, gifts and expressions



  • This is a list of all personas that exist in the app
  • Browse the persona-list to explore personas
  • You can join and leave personas until you have found the ones that best suit you
  • Check out the persona leaders to uncover trending users


(?) icon

  • Throughout the app you will find little question marks next to certain features and terms; press the question mark to be reminded of a feature functionality!
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