Correctly Tagging Communities

The personas you tag to a community should be relevant to the name and description, so others can join and connect with you over shared interests.

 Take a look at some of the corrections below to better understand best practices for tagging communities:


If you’re creating a community for painting techniques, the “artist” persona fits best, not the "crafter" persona.



Note: You can also create communities by tagging two personas. It may be tempting to add a second persona to your community, if you do, make sure it is relevant to the topic of your community.

If you want to dedicate a community to hiking in California, tag it with the “outdoorsman / outdoorswoman”  and "traveler" personas, not the “history buff” or “beer lover” personas.



If you want to dedicate a community to coffee and thought-provoking quotes, tag it with the “coffee lover”  and "philosopher" personas, not the “student” or “foodie” personas.



Lastly. if you want to dedicate a community to night clubs in Rio, tag it with the “clubber”  and "traveler" personas, not the “cat lover” or “musician” personas.ClubberCorrectTaggingCommunitiesEN.png

Hope that makes sense! Happy creating :)

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