Correctly Tagging Jots

The personas you tag to a jot should be relevant to the jot, so others can connect with you over shared interests.

Take a look at some of the updated jots below to better understand how “on-topic” jot tagging works:

If you post a selfie, tag it with the “selfie lover” persona, not with the “motorcyclist” persona.



If you want to post a jot of rock climbing, tag it with the “climber” persona, not with “gamer” and "engineer". Makes sense, right?



If you post a cute picture of your dog, tag it with the “dog lover” and "animal lover" personas, not with “chef” and "cat lover".



If you post an awesome picture of hiking outdoors, tag it with the “outdoorsman / outdoorswoman” persona, not with the “cyclist” and "car buff" personas.




Lastly, if you post a picture of coffee, tag it with the “coffee lover" persona, not with “music fan” and "foodie".



Hope that makes sense! Happy jotting :)

If you’re not familiar with all personas yet, or if you’re not sure which persona to tag, it’s okay to just tag the “base” persona; it will share your jot with your friends and followers.

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